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This residential project was a stem to stern renovation complete with the perfect new kitchen and ultra luxe bathrooms.  No detail was overlooked including carrara marble tile and countertops, custom hardwood floors, moldings and more.  Designed in conjunction with Birkman Interiors.  



Home of "the Great Compromiser".  Henry Clay moved to Lexington in 1797.  His residence and remaining estate grounds are now a historic landmark.  Studio 89 performed careful preservation and restoration to help keep this Statesman's home looking just as it did when he sat in the Senate over 200 years ago.  



This Sycamore home called for some serious TLC.  We added a master suite, first floor bedroom and new kitchen nearly doubling the square footage.  Careful attention to the original architecture will keep you guessing where the original structure ends and the new addition begins.   



Wether you are a serious fashionista or just have an itch to be ultra organized, Studio 89 can help.  Want to make Martha Stuart jealous of your kitchen? We will build custom cabinetry or closets that will make all your luxury dreams come true.  

The Dream


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